The Era of Transformation.

In a world where business models, consumer values & behaviors, and technology change at an increasing rate, our clients have one common question: how can we remain relevant in this rapidly evolving context of the Digital Transformation?


Because no one is exempt from.

Retail, media, financial services, consumer goods, entertainment, telco, pharma, banking, energy. You name it.

Every industry we have worked with has been hit by the shift brought on by the digital transformation.


To innovate and be innovative.

Maybe it sounds rhetorical, but it's not 🙂. We believe that this revolution is an opportunity.

Thanks to their business and social impact, companies have the power to change the world and make it better.

This is why our purpose is to liberate the innovation capacity of companies and their people by inspiring vision and taking action.


Thus, we created Market Revolution.

It’s our research lab on the future that identifies and analyzes emerging trends in consumers, technology, and business.

Since 2012, every day we scan the world across all sectors to anticipate what will happen tomorrow. We count a strong community made of 10k people, that put into action the insights we uncover everyday to innovate their business. 


Inspiration sparks Innovation.

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