Inspire vision and take action.

We partner with future-driven leaders to inspire new strategic vision for transformation and to design innovative organizations and services.


Innovation the right way around.

Innovation in the era of the Digital Transformation is not a technological challenge, but a human one.

It means that there is nothing broken to "fix", but we need to create something profoundly new. That's why in this context there's no map to show the direction.

Instead, with our work and research we have developed this compass to find the (right) destination for the leaders and companies we work with.


Our focus to transform and create a positive impact.

1 / Inspiring Vision
Spreading inspiration in every direction helps us support the creation of an original and authentic strategic vision for the organization.

2 / Activating People
Creating the right environment and tools enables people’s belief and commitment to transform.

3 / Developing Organization
Fostering new behaviors, skills and methodologies unlocks the innovative capacity of the organization at any level.

4 / Designing Services
Embedding a digitally-native, people-centric approach helps us design services and experiences that anticipate and exceed customer expectations and innovate sectors.


From all industries around.

We believe in the power of a close co-design partnership with our clients. This is why today we work with companies from almost any industries.

Here are some of those we have worked with over the last 12 months.


Case Histories

And here are some of the questions we’ve answered with our projects. 
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👉🏻 How do we design & launch in 3 months an innovative service in the Italian market?

👉🏻 How do I render my brand relevant to a final consumer?

👉🏻 How can I develop and implement a future-thought strategic vision to adapt to the changing context?


👉🏻 How do I redesign my business and service model to respond to new competitors?

👉🏻 How do I quickly create, implement and integrate innovation projects?

👉🏻 How do I develop a “digitally-mature” company?


👉🏻 How do I engage my organization to be more innovative to achieve challenging objectives?

👉🏻 How do I create a “digital-native-friendly” organization and foster collaboration among generations?

👉🏻 How do I transform myself at all levels to be a "tech company"?