Valeria Perrucci.png

After a degree in Communication and a Master in Marketing, she got into the complex and exciting world of events. She is used to sudden changes, and she adapts easily. Curious and details-oriented, precise, independent and resourceful, she is fascinated by the variety in the world. She reads about fashion, cinema and design. She prefers practice to theory and is deeply convinced that knowledge is the sum of experiences, as many as possible. She organizes, designs, plans and thinks.



Valeria's passions

The thing that absolutely makes me feel good is swimming 🏊🏻‍♀️. Since I was child I always bathe in the sea 🌊, firstly splashing around with my dad, then to perfect myself and win competitive races swimming backstroke. For me, water is everything! 💦

Other things that make me feel good are: going to the cinema 🎥, even alone, eating lots of pistachio ice cream 🍨, everything pink 👛🎀🌸, making puzzles, telling stories but - above all - listening to them.


Valeria's good intentions

I hope to achieve the right balance 🙏🏻 and the right knowledge both in my private and working life - overcome my limits 💪🏻.

I hope not to eat my nails anymore 💅🏻, to learn another language 💬 and start playing the piano 🎹.

Lastly, I hope I will find the time to have a trip around the world once. Nothing is impossible.