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From Valtellina, tidiness-obsessed, mum.

She is the balancing element in the company, and she makes sure that nothing passes up from her commitment to minimize the entropy.

She also runs the administration and takes care of the accounts.

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Simona's passions

I am most passionate about interior design 🏠, I really like to find the right aesthetic equilibrium in the places where I live 💆🏻.

I am also dramatically passionate about cars 🚗, especially Mini, I feel that the iconic design is representing a true masterpiece of innovation.


Simona's good intentions

I am overly concerned about the world I am leaving in heritage to the future generation.

I am growing my sons in the belief of love ❤️, care and respect 🙏🏻 of people 👥, animals 🐶 and nature 🌿.

I do believe in what I do and I feel that my key objective is to keep growing my competences in order to better support all my colleagues.