How do I render my brand relevant to a final consumer?



With the multiplication of customer touchpoints and a growing complexity of distribution channels between online and offline, crafting and overseeing an effective storytelling is a key priority for brand owners.  

We worked alongside 13 brand managers in creating, prototyping, testing and, finalizing storytelling for their brand in two declinations: for distributors and end user.

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Market Sector
Luxury company

Project Referent
Marketing Director

Develop different and engaging storytelling specific to each of the brand relevant for tomorrow's consumers to overcome the critical issues of distribution.


  • Workshop to gather and decode the brand knowledge of the different brands
  • Co-design session with brand managers to create, prototype and test new storytelling for each brand 
  • Finalizing the storytelling that would be used as the final sales pitch (for distributors and end-customer)

Co-creation of the 13 brand knowledge (brand DNA, distinctiveness, key values, visual codes) and the brand storytelling guidelines for the company internal platform.