How do I redesign my business and service model to respond to new competitors?



In the era of the Digital Transformation, traditional brands need to change their business models and adapt it to new consumers’ expectations, if they want to keep the pace with the new competitors born from the opportunities that this transformation enables.  

We helped the company’s team to outline the strategy to face the changes brought in the industry by the digital transformation.

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Market Sector
Mass distribution

Project Referent
HR Director & Development manager

Understand the impact of Digital Transformation on the company’s current model and identify the “Must Win Battles” to remain a leader in the industry.


  • Assessment to understand the board's readiness towards innovation 
  • Monthly inspirational sessions on digital and innovation topics with the Executive Committee and a selection of talents from the organization (25 people)
  • Co-design workshop to define the strategic guidelines for digital innovation

Definition of a new strategic plan, launch of 5 projects (2 successfully implemented) and the creation of a new organizational unit “Strategic Marketing & Digital Innovation”.