How do I quickly create, implement and integrate innovation projects?



Getting out of the comfort zone is never easy. But for companies, it is fundamental to keep moving and to find new, fast and effective ways to innovate both themselves and their offer. Involving people in the change is the best way to overcome their uncertainties and bring them onboard in the process of innovation.  

We engaged people in the company and involve them in the process of creation of innovative ideas to promote the entrepreneurial culture.

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Market Sector
Energy company

Project Referent
CEO & Startup committee

Overcome the barriers and resistance of the organization to bring innovation in all areas of the company and the business and spread an entrepreneurial culture.


  • Design and management of a bottom-up selection process of innovative ideas, realization of hackathons to turn ideas into full-structured projects
  • Selection of projects in collaboration with the Committee and business coaching of the winning projects with agile methodologies to create prototypes in order to validate it to get a budget for the final implementation

Overall collection of 100+ ideas from the entire organization (initial goal: 15), realization of 3 hackathons, development and prototyping of 8 projects, of which 3 backed and 2 already in the implementation phase.