How do I create a “digital-native-friendly” organization and foster collaboration throughout generations?



Today, many companies are facing a new social phenomenon: a multi-generational workforce, which includes up to five different generations. Understand and promote new ways to make these generations interact and work efficiently together is a key element for business success in the years to come.  

We supported the company to build an inclusive culture, bridging the gap among the different generations by fostering active listening and collaborative environment.

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Market Sector
Petcare company

Project Referent
CEO and HR Director

Raise the engagement of millennial resources to enable them to express their potential and collaborate with the entire organization.


  • A series of co-design workshops involving the company’s millennial employees and the Leadership Team to identify critical areas and the most urgent and important actions

Launch of several specific projects addressing the most critical issues identified, such as the selection and induction process, internal collaboration and communication tools, evaluation and reward systems.