How can I develop and implement a future-thought strategic vision to rapidly adapt to the changing context?



For companies facing digital native competitors, the very challenge is to identify the most urgent strategic actions offered by the digital transformation. The second step is to engage the middle management to turn them into action.  

We helped the CEO to define company's “Must Win Battles” and develop innovative projects with a group of “champions” selected throughout the organization.

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Market Sector
Banking company

Project Referent
CEO and Executive Committee

Redesign of the company vision and 3-year strategic plan focused on innovation to address the fintech revolution.


  • Support to the CEO to identify the “Must Win Battles” for the Bank
  • Selection of 30 “champions” throughout the company to work with to develop innovative skills and methodologies, to ideate and prototype projects about customer experience, customer centricity, innovation culture, and co-design with customer 
  • Leveraging the experience, the new vision and strategy have been co-designed with the Executive Committee

Definition of a new strategic plan, launch of 5 projects (2 successfully implemented) and the creation of a new organizational unit “Strategic Marketing & Digital Innovation”.