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Economist of the cultural and creative industries, passionate about marketing. A double-sided soul: introspective humanist and rational economist. Her spontaneous curiosity towards the relations between people and things and her willingness to always be “at the cutting-edge of fashion” (especially professionally) pushes her to develop a career as business designer in Futureberry.

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Maria's passions

Shoes: healed or flats, sporty or classy 👠! I just don’t care! I want them all. I can’t walk to the next trendy restaurant I just stumbled across🍸🍱🍤, without the perfect shoes for the occasion. Which drives me to my second passion! Yes, I have to confess this. I am a foodie🍨.  But I am also an aspirational globe-trotter ✈, a super sporty person⛷, an arts enthusiastic 🖼.

To cut it short: I am a tireless curios and I couldn’t live without looking for beauty in everything… Meaning that I will be updating this statement frequently ‘cause probably the next moth something will have caught my attention.


Maria's good intentions

Build something beautiful 🌷🌸 that makes me feel good, that helps other people to truly see 🌜🌞 and appreciate the beauty around them… Whatever this means, whatever this will take.