Innovation seeker, passionate discoverer

Every day he intended to discover and experiment something new, to grab the better and transfer it to others. He researches contents, reads cases and keeps himself constantly updated about what happens in the world of innovation. He studies to be able to offer useful advices to improve.

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Kevin's passions

Everything new. I know it can sound obvious or not “so original” but I really consider myself an excited discoverer 👀 (and tester) of everything new! It doesn’t matter if it is the last shining product from the Silicon Valley or the new weird restaurant in your neighborhood. ✨ Maybe it’s for this reason that I love to get informed by any kind of different sources, from HBR to Instagram posts. 📲 Love the discovery and the journey that brings me there!


Kevin's good intentions

Learn something everyday and don’t get routinized. 🔄 I want to be “contaminated” by the people who surround me and learn from them. I want to growth, get new challenges and experiment. An increase of 10% is great, but why not try 150%? 🔝

My professional goal is to be able to tell (at least) one smart or innovative thing per talk 😂, if you are leaving the conversation enriched or a little inspired I will be extremely satisfied.