For change to be effective, companies have to make sure that it involves the entire organization, enabling it to develop a new mindset. This new mindset will lead to the development of innovative products, which will satisfy new needs and allow to reach challenging objectives.



We worked with the company to reach a precise business goal, encouraging the innovation culture and driving the ideation of new projects through innovative methodologies and skills.

Market Sector
Energy company

Project Referent
CEO and Innovation and Marketing Director

To double the number of customers by 2020 through innovation, all areas and levels of the organization must be brought together.


  • Identification of the areas of innovation to achieve the business goals, together with the CEO and Innovation Director

  • Development of an extensive program of activities implemented by spreading an innovation culture, experimenting with new methodologies, and developing transversal skills

  • Organization of inspirational events, internal communication campaigns, co-design sessions with members from the Market Revolution community, workshops with leadership team, and the support to the Task Force for Innovation

With various activities for different targets over a period of 9 months, all the resources of the organization (300 people) were involved in the program.