To be able to face the changes brought about by the Digital Transformation, companies have to adapt themselves. Therefore, it is important to understand the key elements to implement and the priorities to give, in order to adapt to new strategies and business models.



We guided the company through a two-steps process to identify key-drivers in the changes related with the Digital Transformation.

Market Sector
Games & Services company

Project Referent
HR Directors

Create the agenda of strategic actions to guide the Digital Transformation of the organization.


  • A two-steps project involving the entire HR team: an inspiration phase about Digital Transformation through original research, workshops and testimonials

  • A co-design phase to define work areas and identify “Future Changers” of the company and compile the agenda shared with the Board

The definition of the Digital Transformation Agenda and the transfer of new tools and methodologies to the HR team already used in the day-by-day work with the respective business units.