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His eyes are always turned to the future, he believes in people and thinks that “Innovation is an attitude”. Economist with a Master in Marketing and specialized in Strategic Innovation, he works together with top managers and entrepreneurs on strategic innovation and builds projects for the development of entrepreneurial culture within companies. He is Founder and CEO of Futureberry and Professor of marketing and innovation at MIP, Poli.Design and NABA.

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Dino's passions

Passions are my passion. I might say that I love wine🍷, and I'm a graduated sommelier; I badly play drum 🥁 in a old school rock band; I play lots of different sports ⛷⛹🏻🏃🏻, all at the same recreational level; and I am an avid reader 📚, from bold novels on a drug cartel in California to old classical of Italian literature.

But, born curious and fickle, my passion is to find new passions. It's about exploring new worlds where I can deep dive for a while, before going to the next obsession.

I'm father of two little girls, Viola and Stella 👧🏻👩🏻, and they're what really get me up in the morning. And often at night 


Dino's good intentions

I'm the master of "list of good intentions for next year". Which makes me a tremendous dreamer 💭 and a great procrastinator 🔜.

What is never missing in my list is to keep exploring and take on new challenges ; is to learn something new every month and to strive to make a small difference to create a better world 🌍 for my daughters.