Mayama is an NGO, founded in 2008, actively working on Mexican territory, carrying out a work

of recovering children living in situations of marginalization, violence and abuse.

Mayama has a very ambitious project: to build a new learning center that can help and save more


And we, as Futureberry, have decided to help them.

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In the very center of Mexico, Mayama has existed for about ten years.

Mayama is an NGO that has been actively working on Mexican territory since 2008, carrying out

the work of recovering children in a situation of extreme need.

We are in Guadalajara, a city with one and a half million inhabitants and the highest crime rate in

Mexico. More precisely, Guadalajara is the city with the highest rate of violence involving children

in the world. This means that children disappear, suffer violence and are drugged by the Narcos to

be transformed into drug workers.

Mayama’s story begins with a room, a handful of children from different areas of Guadalajara and

taekwondo lessons. From the martial arts classes to a learning and recovery center for children, the

step came naturally.

The organization has designed and developed an educational model dedicated to children and

families living in conditions of marginalization and violence. The aim is to change their quality of

life in a significant way and to carry out actions that have a real impact on a difficult environment.

By difficult environment, Mayama refers strongly to the school system in Mexico that cannot take

care of all the children in the territory. This results in more than five million children excluded from

the school community and thus exposed to an even higher risk of exclusion.

Mayama wants to create a deep and transversal impact, for this reason they have decided to

integrate and involve the families of the children in the educational project.

The mission of the organization is to lay the foundations for a better society that leads Guadalajara

to a true transformation. To achieve all this Mayama needs to grow.


Mayama needs help today. They have a very ambitious project: to build a new learning center that

will allow them to save more children, to welcome them, to be more effective, better equipped, and

closer to the children in need.

They have created a crowdfunding campaign that has the aim of transforming the project of the new

learning center into reality: a space of three thousand square meters with green spaces, offices, and

educational spaces where to grow their educational model.


And we, as Futureberry, have decided to help them. We will do it, initially, in the simplest way:

supporting them economically. In every project proposal to our customers we have decided to

include a note saying that Futureberry is committed to pay the equivalent of 2% of the project in

favor of Mayama, and we ask our customers to do the same. We ask, but in reality, it is non-


It is a first step, the simplest, the most immediate, but at the same time of enormous value to them.

For us Mayama is not just an association that we will support economically: it has become a project

that is part of the skeleton and identity of Futureberry.

For the more curious: here you can take an in-depth look at Mayama, their history, their educational

model and the project for the new learning center. For those who want to find out how Mayama and

Futureberry met, our CEO tells the story here.

See you in the future, see you in Mexico.