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With a formation between agricultural science and storytelling, Benedetta is interested in connection between technology and marginal area and in different model of social development. She studies and writes about market trends to study and write about people and community.

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Benedetta's passions

In my spare time you can find me boxing 🥊, hiking 🧗🏻‍♀️ or sitting in a cinema 🎞 or in a library 📚 (sometimes all these things together).

I love taking care of my family’s small grove 🌱 and I’m very proud of our olive oil.

I’m always curious about causes of what happened so I love reading about science 🔬, history 🏺, social sciences 👣, politics 🗳 and, of course, noir fiction .


Benedetta's good intentions

I’ve never made a real list of good intention, because I keep overthinking the first thing of the list, but I’ll make a try!

In random order: train properly for a MMA match 🤼‍♀️, never stop studying, breed my own sheeps 🐑 to make cheese 🧀, learn to drive trucks 🚛, work and write following the values of lightness, exactitude, quickness and multiplicity.